Will the Dallas Cowboys move on from Scott Linehan?

–Nathan Jones–

The shortcomings of the Dallas Cowboys’ offense have been well documented. But, if the team wants to get over the hump, they must replace Scott Linehan.

It would be an understatement that  Cowboys ‘offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, is on the hot seat– at least for Cowboys Nation. Linehan was praised in 2016 for the great job he did with helping out the rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott. But on one night in Atlanta, everything changed. In week 10 of the 2017-18 regular season, Prescott was sacked eight times. Six of which, came from one player. Dallas was getting bullied at the line going into the second half. America’s team came out in the third quarter and the madness continued. After the game, owner/general manager Jerry Jones voiced his anger towards the coaching staff. Scott Linehan took most of the blame.

As an offensive coordinator, it is Linehan’s job to adapt to the defense, create a winning gameplan, and scheme plays that utilize players’ strengths. Frankly, Linehan has not done this since Prescott’s rookie campaign. Many claim that Dallas’ offense is so archaic and stuck in the 90’s. This is not wrong. In the modern NFL, with safeties not being allowed to crack defenders as they cross the middle of the field, teams have increased the number of in-breaking routes in their playbooks. The Cowboys have not.

Linehan and head coach Jason Garrett pride themselves in having the mindset “we do what we do”. But is this a sustainable formula? Short answer: no.

Unless the Linehan expects the team to just keep adding All-Pro players, the current offense will never be consistent. In the salary cap era, it is nearly impossible to have Pro Bowl players at every level of your offense. The Cowboys do have a good roster. They have a solid quarterback, a pair of young talented receivers, two to three All-Pro linemen, and the best running back in the league. However, the Cowboys’ offense was 22nd in scoring in 2018.

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If the squad wants to finally pull themselves over the hump, something has to change. The organization has made it pretty clear that Prescott is the quarterback of the future. So besides trying to continue building the roster, the Cowboys should look to switch the offensive coordinator. However, Dallas will not fire Linehan just to fire him, or please the fan-base. Trust me, they will not fire Linehan unless they have someone to replace in mind.

Cowboys’ management has been rather unclear on their intentions with Linehan. On Monday Garrett spoke on 105.3 the Fan:

“We don’t anticipate any significant changes on our staff. Obviously, we’re still evaluating everything on our football team. We’re 36 hours after the ballgame but we’re going to keep trying to grow as a staff and as a football team. We’ll evaluate what we did and just keep trying to get better.”

But then on Tuesday morning, Jerry Jones spoke in an interview and said that it might be too early to make coaching decisions when the whole landscape of available coaches could change in a week. So who knows what will happen?

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