Dallas Cowboys| Will Cole Beasley be a Cowboy in 2019?

With all the upcoming free agents, and players nearing the end of their contracts, what will the Dallas Cowboys do with Cole Beasley?

In 2016, Dallas Cowboys’ receiver Cole Beasley solidified himself as one of the top slot receivers in the NFL. From day one, Beasley has been a reliable option for quarterback Dak Prescott. With Beasley’s contract coming to an end, he will be a free agent this offseason. So the question arises, will Beasley be a Cowboy in 2019?

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Before we can give a definitive answer one way or the other, let’s dive into all the nitty-gritty details. In 2019, the Dallas Cowboys are projected to have around $48 million in cap space. Though this sounds like a ton of space, consider other players that the Cowboys will have to address. Number one on this list is defensive end, Demarcus Lawrence. Lawrence is coming off a franchise tag and will/should be expecting a large contract.


Earlier this week, the front office made it pretty clear that they plan on signing Lawrence to a long term deal. Lawrence, coming off back to back double digit sacks and back to back Pro Bowl nods, deserves to be paid. Lawrence handled the franchise tag in the most professional manner a player can. Lawrence adds so much more than just what is on the field–he is a leader on the defense. Though second-year defensive end, Taco Charlton technically coined the slogan “hot boyz”, Lawrence took over as the chief of the young front-seven.

Expect Lawrence to eat up a large portion of the cap space. He will probably get a four year, $72 million deal ( average of $18 million per year).

Also, owner/general manager Jerry Jones already professed that Prescott is the organization’s quarterback for the foreseeable future. If the Cowboys are smart, they will try to lock Prescott up this year. Ever since receiver Amari Cooper joined the squad, Prescott has improved as a passer. Prescott is set to make only $720,000 in 2019. Maybe the Cowboys can get a bargain by ensuring Prescot long term security with a price tag far larger than his current salary. According to spotrac.com, Prescott will probably get an extension for around $25 million per year. So that leaves only about $5 million left in cap space.

However, if the Cowboys choose to part ways with veteran linebacker, Sean Lee, the team could save an additional $7 million in cap space. But, will the team choose to invest the remaining space on an aging Beasley?

What about budgeting the money towards signing Cooper to a long term deal, or running back Ezekiel Elliott, or cornerback Byron Jones?

That is a tough call. The unfortunate truth is that in the salary cap era, it is very hard to retain good players for cheap. Beasley is nearing the backend of his career, and he could go somewhere else and secure his family’s finances for years and years. Out of all the upcoming receivers that will be free agents this offseason, Beasley is one of the most established players. He is a plug-and-play type of guy, that could go anywhere and yield results.

Besides the Cowboys being in a financial bind, Beasley just might not want to play for the Cowboys anymore. Ever since the team traded for Cooper, though the overall team’s performance increased, Beasley was often left out of the fold. The offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, could not consistently find a way to give Beasley enough targets. There were just too many mouths to feed. Cooper needed targets, Elliott needed targets, rookie receiver Michael Gallup needed targets, etc.

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Simply put, Prescott became less reliant on the sure-handed slot receiver. And that is a good thing to a certain degree. It shows the progress Prescott has taken, but anytime a great weapon like Beasley is not given any chances, expected points go down:

Beasley, though he does not make big chunk plays, is a productive player. When Beasley does well, the team does well. But that happens every once in a while. For Beasley, he could go somewhere like the New England Patriots and be a 1000-yard receiver, make a Pro Bowl, get a ring, etc. Even if the Cowboys want to keep Beasley, does he want to be a Cowboy?

If Beasley moves on, it might be hard to replace him, especially since the squad traded away Ryan Switzer for practically nothing last offseason. However, not signing Beasley might be a better long term decision so Dallas may have room to extend the younger studs on the roster.

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