Should the Dallas Cowboys trade for Amari Cooper?

Nathan Jones

Clearly the “John Gruden era” is not panning out the way Raider’s fans dreamed of. The Raiders, coming into week 7 at a pathetic 1-5, seem to be one of the biggest disappointments of the season. Amidst the chaos, rumors have surfaced that former top 5 pick, Amari Cooper is on the trade block. Considering the Cowboys have not been able to threaten the outsides of the field very consistently, this situation seems serendipitous for Dallas. But at what lengths would the Cowboys have to go to acquire Cooper and would it be worth it?

Ian Rappaport from NFL network reports the Raiders are seeking a 1st round pick in exchange for Cooper. I do not believe Dallas would be willing to part ways with their 1st round pick. In recent history, the organization tends to keep their 1st round picks in hope of hitting gold in the draft, and for the most part, it has paid off. Let’s look at the past 9 first round draft picks:

2010 Dez Bryant
2011 Tyron Smith
2012 Morris Claiborne
2013 Travis Fredrick
2014 Zach Martin
2015 Byron Jones
2016 Ezekiel Elliott
2017 Taco Charlton
2018 Leighton Vander Esch
5 of these players have been All-pro players, and LVE and Byron Jones can easily make the pro-bowl if they continue playing the way they are playing. And Taco, though not a first round gem, has turned into a suitable rotational player. The notion that Jerry Jones goes all in for the Hollywood league breaking deals, has not been true for some time. The Cowboy’s organization likes to play conservative, resign key players, but mostly rely on the draft.

However,  due to the lack of overall talent at the receiver position, I could see Jerry giving in and trading for Cooper– just not with a first round pick.

IDEAL TRADE: The best case scenario is that Jerry offers a third and fourth-round pick for Cooper. Keep in mind, if the Cowboys cut Deonte Thompson before week 10, they could receive a compensatory fourth-round pick. The Cowboys could offer a third and a fourth for Cooper, and still have a fourth-round pick in the 2019 draft. 


Considering the Cowboys have not been a splash team in the middle of the year when it comes to player acquisition, Dallas probably will not go through the trade. Although, a case could be made that the efforts made by the organization to trade for Earl Thomas could show a change in strategy. One thing is clear: This offense has been very inconsistent, and Amari Cooper has been up and down all year long. If Amari is traded to Dallas, it will loosen things up in the passing game for other receivers, and most importantly, the run game. The sad reality is the Cowboys have made it clear they feel confident in the receivers they have now. So, most of the pressure on the Jones family is from inside the fan base.

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