Dallas Cowboys: Eagles’ game does not change anything– Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan must go

–Luke Rodgers–

Slow down the hype! Yes, the coaching staff called a rather good game last Sunday. Yes, the Cowboys are still in play for a playoff spot. However, let’s not assume Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan are not on the “hot seat”.

Jason Garrett is currently coaching his 8th season for the Dallas Cowboys. In his tenure for the Cowboys, he has only lead the team to two successful seasons. Besides that, we’ve been mediocre at best going 8-8 for 3 consecutive seasons from 2011-2013. During that time span, we have a 2-4 record in the playoffs. Jerry Jones has many admirable qualities,  but for some unknown reason, he is fixated on keeping Jason Garrett around. While he hasn’t necessarily been awful, he has not shown the ability to  elevate the team to the full potential that they have. The Cowboys have a very young core right now that would benefit most from a coach who has a new and fresh perspective that can direct the team successfully. It’s time Jason Garrett is fired and we move in a new direction.

Although Jason Garrett isn’t necessarily awful, Scott Linehan is. The play calling is ridiculous and does not benefit our offense that is ranked 29th in the league right now. He hasn’t found a way to efficiently utilize Zeke and the massive presence he can have on a game. A defense can easily scheme against our game plan because it consists essentially of runs, quick hitches, mixed with a few screens here and there. If it’s 3rd and more than five yards, Linehan calls up a screen pass the majority of the time. His offensive play calling is hurting our team and under the right conditions (aka a new offensive coordinator) our offense can be volatile. His play calling is hurting Dak and making fans (including myself) doubt that he is the best fit for our team.

As much as the Jones family will try to claim they do not act in response to their fan base’s cries, money talks. The coaching is costing the organization the overall optimism from the fan base, and a chance to go deep in the playoffs. The sooner he is gone, the sooner team can become a competitor. This solution is the only way to produce the results Cowboys-Nation crave. Fire Linehan and fire him quick.


Stay tuned for more Dallas Football News and our opinions on possible head coach/ offensive coordinator candidates for the Dallas Cowboys.

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