Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott led all postseason quarterbacks in rating

Although the Dallas Cowboys failed to reach the Super Bowl or even the NFC Championship, Dak Prescott ended atop all postseason quarterbacks in rating.

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In the 2018-19 season, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott had very good moments and very bad moments. However, towards the end of the season, his arrow was trending upwards. If you look at Prescott’s career in three different chunks, one can see Prescott’s progression as a quarterback.

If the Cowboys accomplished one thing, it was that they figured out that Prescott is their franchise quarterback. He definitely needs to work on things– footwork the most pressing issue to address. But, he has grown to be clutch in clutch moments, and make big-time throws while not throwing the number of interceptions a gun-slinging quarterback would be prone to.

To add to his resume, Prescott won his first career playoff game. If you calculate the quarterback rating (QBR) of every quarterback in the postseason, Prescott reigned supreme.

That is a level of quarterback that can win Super Bowls. Goff and Brady are not even in the top five! Keep in mind that QBR is different than passer rating. Passer rating just uses total pass attempts, completions, yards, touchdowns, and interceptions.

QBR involves situational football, when you throw an interception, and how the quarterback directly impacts team scoring. Basically, fantasy football is what you care about as a fantasy football general manager, QBR is what matters to an actual general manager.

This should be very, very encouraging to Cowboys Nation. Regardless of whether or not Prescott will throw for over 400 yards every game or not, he helps his team win. Not all the weight is on his shoulders, and that is a good thing. Organizations that put all the money into the quarterback and do not help him out do not win regularly.  In 2018, of the top five most paid quarterbacks in the NFL, only one made it to the postseason– Indianapolis Colts.

In this hot-take, social media, “Twitterverse” of a world Prescott is often slept on. This is not new for the quarterback, as people have been doubting him his whole life. However, Prescott is now coming into his prime years and is playing good enough football to win a Super Bowl.

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